Responsible For the overall growth of an individual

By social relationship we mean the various ways and means by which people of the society interact with each other while living with the people of that society. They form a relationship with each other which forms the basic structure of a society. If a person lives in the society then, he cannot stay alone. He needs somebody or the others to form a relation. They enter into friendship with somebody and spend quality time with him.
In order to get respite from the boredom of life, we generally switch over to some kind of entertainment or the other. If we live in the society, then we need to have some friends who will be quite invigorating in our life. They are there to encourage us find solutions to our problems and give us respite from the boredom of life. Such friends are highly essential in our life. But in some cases, we come across friends who don't consider us as friends. Instead of encouraging us, they talk about their own benefits and gains. One should try their level best to get rid from such friends.
But social relationship has got some merits. Social relationship provides us with fun and entertainment. Each and everybody have the innate desire to interact with each other. Good friends always encourage us. They help in mounding our personality. With boring friends, we lose our interest of keeping any kind of social relationship.
Social relationship helps in the overall growth of the individual. There are friends who aim high in life. They know what to get and how to get. They never think negative in life and always think positive about everything. These friend help in arousing confidence amongst individuals and groups and thus help in the personal growth of the individual. They also help in the boosting up of one's career.
We come across various social networking sites through our internet. These sites are very important as it helps a person to create relationship with various individuals and groups through these sites. We need not go outside our houses to get such contacts. We can get such contacts by sitting at home. These networking sites are open to all. There is no membership charge needed for it. This site is absolutely free. Here we also come across wide range of people belonging to various communities. We can exchange our ideas, views on various subjects and can really get rid of the boredom of life whenever we want to.

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