Business Etique in Europe

Europe ranges from the cold northern countries of Norway and Sweden to the warm Mediterranean countries of Italy and Greece. Some customs and mores such as the way to shake hands, to mention names and titles, to open a conversation, to express gesture and the like vary such as much as the topography, while others are shared across all of Europe.

However, as the standard business greeting gesture throughout Europe, handshake is usually exchanged before and after every meeting, no matter how many meetings you have already had. An exception is in Great Britain, where, as in The Unoited States, an initial handshake is often the only one you will receive.

European handshakes are more formal and less casual than those in the United States. A quick grasp and release is the norm. In most European countries, handshake are firm. An exception is France, where a lighter grasp is customary. Finally, it is customary to let women and those in a higher rank to extend their hands first in Europe.

In many European countries, asking people what they do or asking them a personal question as an opening in a conversation is a serious mistake. EWuropeans are, for the most part, more formal and reserved about such matters than Americans are.

It is important to watch out for the gesture-related mistakes. the American gesture for "OK" using a circle formed by foreigner and thumb is offensive in Germany. Showing your palm to someone is offensive in Greece. keeping your hands in your pocket is rude. Back-slapping is out of place in nothern Europe, and at last, having your hands below the table while dining in France, Germany, and Austria is rude.

At last, we can see taht each place has its own customs and mores. Then, we realize that it is very important to know customs and mores of other countries in order to avoid misunderstanding in culture and to build a good overseas business relationship since a good understanding in ones's cultures might smoothen the business flow and objective.


5 Original and Unique Culture From Indonesia

Ceremony Tabuik West Sumatra.

Derived from the word 'ark', from Arabic that means parading, Tabuik ceremony is a tradition of community on the west coast, West Sumatra, which was held very day. The ceremony was held on the day of Asura that falls on the 10th of Muharram, the Islamic calendar.

That said, Tabuik brought by Shi'a adherents from the middle east to Pariaman, as a memorial to the battle of Karbala. The ceremony is also a symbol and expression of a deep sense of grief and respect for Muslims in Pariaman against the Prophet Muhammad's grandson. Since excitement and uniqueness in every pagelarannya, local government was then put Tabuik ceremony in West Sumatra tourism agenda and held every year.

Two weeks before the execution ceremony Tabuik, Pariaman residents have been busy doing a variety of preparations. They made as well as various snacks, pastries and Tabuik typical. In this period, there are also people who run a special ritual, which is fasting.

Aside from being the name of the ceremony, Tabuik also pinned to the names of objects that become an important component in this ritual. Tabuik numbered two and made of bamboo and wood. The shape of a horse-bodied animals, human heads, a well-built and winged. By umatIslam, this beast called Buraq and is considered a magical beast. In the back Tabuik, made ​​a milestone as high as about 15 m. Tabuik then decorated with red and other colors and will be in the wine later.

Makepung, Balinese Buffalo Racing.

If you have Kerapan Madura Cattle, then Bali has Makepung. Two traditions are similar but not identical, but the unique spectacle of a fresh and entertaining. which in the Indonesian language means romp, is a tradition of water buffalo races which have long runway attached to the Balinese, especially in Jembrana. This tradition originally was a game of farmers who performed at the sidelines of plowing a field at harvest. At that time, they quickly clashing with associated spur on a buffalo cart and controlled by a jockey.

Increasingly, fraudulent activity that was originally developed and increasingly in demand among many. Now, Makepung has become one of the most interesting cultural attractions and many watched by tourists including foreign tourists. Not only that, even this buffalo race racing has become an annual agenda of tourism in Bali and managed this profesionalSekarang, Makepung not only by the farmer alone. Employees and employers of the city too much to be participants maupunsupporter. Moreover, in a big fight, Governors Cup for example, participants who attended Makepung could reach about 300 pairs of water buffalo or even more. The atmosphere was very festive with the presence of the musicians jegog (Balinese gamelan made ​​from bamboo) to enliven the atmosphere of the race.

Attractions Debus Banten

Attractions that are very dangerous that we used to know called Debus, Debus said that martial arts originated from the area of al Madad. The longer the martial arts is growing and growing in all societies as the art of entertainment offerings for the community. The core is still very strong performances, or martial arts movement and use of weapons. Debus arts offerings are widely used and focused on one player immune to attacks of sharp objects, and the kind of sharp weapon is called with the whistle.

Art is growing and developing since hundreds of years ago, along with the development of Islamic religion in Punjab. In awalna this art has the function as the spread of religion, but the Dutch colonial period and during the reign of Sultan Agung Tirtayasa. Martial arts are used to evoke the spirit of the warrior and the people who made ​​offerings against Dutch colonialism. Because at that strength is not balanced, the Dutch who have guns are very complete and sophisticated. Continue to urge the fighters and the people's offerings, the only weapons they have none other than martial arts heritage of Debus.

Community cows karapan Madura, East Java

Karapan cow cow race is a race that originated from Madura, East Java, in the event karapan cow the audience not only treated cows and agility racing the jockey, but before the start of the owners usually do the ritual procession of cows accompanied disekelilingi race seronen musical blend Madura typical music instrument making this event a more festive.

The length of the track route karapan cow between 180 to 200 meters, which can be completed within 14 to 18 seconds. Certainly a very fast pace cow - the cow, but shrewdness jockey sometimes bamboo that is used to stepping on the jockey floating in the air due to the rapid speed of the beef cow. To obtain and increase the speed rate of the cow the jockey, the base of the cows that are fitted with a belt full of sharp spikes that cracked his whip and the jockey who was also given the sharp thorns towards the buttocks cows. Of course, this wound will make the cow run faster, but also cause sores around the cow's ass. Distance winners sometimes the difference is very thin, even not rarely only within 1 to 2 seconds. Dimadura Bull is a very unique performances, in addition to already inherited one generation to the tradition is also preserved until now. These events serve as a tourism event in Indonesia, and not only local tourists from abroad were many who watched this cow karapan.

Ceremony Kasada Bromo

Kasada bromo ceremony performed by the Tengger people who live on Mount Bromo in East Java, they perform this ritual to appoint a doctor or a shaman in every village. So that they can be removed by traditional elders, they must be able to practice and memorize spells spells. A few days before the ceremony begins Kasada bromo, they are working on offerings that will be thrown into the crater of Mount Bromo. On the night of the 14-month Community Kasada perch rushing throng with ongkek containing sesajo of various kinds of agricultural products and livestock. Then they took him to the temple and while waiting for a respected elder shaman they come back to memorize and recite the incantation, the inauguration was held at midnight the shaman and the blessing of the people
Mount Bromo dipoten sea of ​​sand. For the people of Tengger, Shaman is a very important role. Because they are tasked to lead the event - rituals, marriage etc.
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